LocTeam Creates Educational Pirate Plot Game for Kids

Aye, matey! It’s true! The App Production and Development Team at LocTeam has designed and produced a fun, educational children’s game app called Pirate Plot — now available in the iTunes Store — based on the Mystery Solvers book by Moira Butterfield.

Download on the App Store

About the App

Pirate Plot is a great game for kids 4 years old and up. The playful, brain-boosting game is designed to teach children concentration, attention to detail, reading and deduction — all important early learning skills. Pirate Plot teaches kids how to use the keyboard and touch screen, all while they help the main characters from the book — Mystery Solvers: Pirate Plot, by Moira Butterfield (Parragon Books) — save their friends from swashbucklin' pirates by solving a mystery.

About LocTeam App Production

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