The book translation services team at LocTeam has produced more than 3,000 titles for leading European and American publishing houses. Our portfolio of specialized book translations includes publications in a variety of categories, such as: architecture, art, biographies, botany, cinema, children’s stories, cooking and cookbooks, curiosities, design, drawing, entertainment, fashion, food and beverage, gardening, geography, handicrafts, health, history, nature, religion, self-help, technical, traveling, wellness and more. 

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LocTeam always takes the culture of the target market into account when translating books. Our translators are qualified native professionals and subject-matter experts in topics covering architecture to zoology. You can be confident that our adaptation of your content is seamless and that your ideas will come through as you intended.

Cultural Contextualization

LocTeam can enhance your book translation by adapting the text for local culture by removing unnecessary elements, inappropriate content, politically incorrect statements, out-of-place language, information specific to the target country (addresses, etc.), crosswords, puzzles, rhymes and so on.

Category-Specific Expertise

With thousands of book translations, we have had exposure and experience in almost every category. Turn to LocTeam for proven expertise in architecture translation, art translation, cookbook translation, map translation, magazine translation, children’s book translation and a multitude of other categories. 

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Architecture and Art Translation

Translations of architecture and art books, in particular, require the highest degree of accuracy in the documentation of details related to background, terminology, target style, artwork titles, names of buildings, and the like. So for every architecture or art translation project, we assign a specialized team familiar with that book’s subject matter, as well as related terms and expressions. To ensure accurate and appropriate translations when working in these categories, we also create specific guidelines that take into account any special features of the book and we place particular emphasis on the documentation and research process.

Art Book Translation – LocTeam offers art book translation experience across a wide range of art subjects, from the Middle Ages to contemporary art. Art book translations not only demand accuracy in their use of terminology, but they also require an evocative style in most cases.

Architecture Book Translation – LocTeam is up-to-date with the latest trends in architecture and our experience has given us a deep knowledge of architectural history. Our translation teams for architecture books include architects who ensure terminology used is precise and appropriate, as these kinds of books are usually intended for a specialized audience.

Learn more about our subject matter expertise in our project portfolio.

Book Translation Editing

LocTeam has a large team of specialized editors ready to accommodate your content and stylistic revisions, no matter how technical or complex a text may be. We compare a book translation with its source material and check its consistency with the original text to identify any inappropriate additions, omissions or misinterpretations. We also work to ensure the book translation reflects the meaning, tone and register of the source text while evaluating how the text conforms to the standards of the target language (grammar, spelling, typos). 

Book Proofreading

Once a manuscript or a translation has been typeset, a final check is required. We review the entire book to check for consistency. We also check to make sure that the text matches the images, and that there are no typographical errors or misplaced paragraphs. These steps are performed by professionals with at least six years of experience who are trained specifically for this final round of fine-tuning.

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Looking to reach multiple markets? We can support your multilingual book translation needs.

Production of Multilingual Books

We have serviced more than 200 multilingual book productions. At LocTeam, multilingual text productions follow a strict process requiring particular attention to consistency of form and content across all languages.

Production into Multiple Languages at Once

There are efficiencies in publishing your book in multiple languages at the same time. By managing those translations at once, through one project manager, you can reduce time and cost. We are able to ensure that all the editions have the same general style guidelines and our different language teams share feedback with each other to guarantee content consistency in all editions.

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LocTeam can either create your layout from scratch or work with a pre-existing or draft layout. We can handle any part of the production process — from translation to prepress. Our other desktop publishing services include:

  • Typesetting and copy-fitting
  • Image retouching and picture processing for maps, graphs, charts, logos, pictograms and other graphics

Careful Customization

Depending on the kind of book it is, the complexity of the adaptation may vary. Working with existing layouts requires precise and meticulous typesetting, while maps, charts, posters and atlases require a unique set of solutions to resolve the potential for overlapping terms on top of images. 

Technical Expertise

We work in all desktop publishing (DTP) and graphics applications, such as InDesign, QuarkXPress, FrameMaker, Photoshop and Illustrator. Our desktop publishing professionals are skilled graphic designers and typesetters with extensive experience in dealing with all DTP post-production steps.

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Once written by the author, a text needs to be reviewed to make sure the manuscript is ready to be published. Original manuscripts also need to be fine-tuned prior to being sent for translation.

Evaluation and Assessment

At LocTeam, we frequently work with authors and their original texts, which we will assess and emend if necessary. We proof these texts thoroughly, checking for grammar, spelling and punctuation. We also evaluate whether the vocabulary is appropriate to the subject matter and the intended audience to ensure that the text has the desired level of clarity and readability.

Fact-Checking and Research

LocTeam has assisted authors and publishers with fact-checking, research and content management services in the production of biographies and travel guides, as well as books on fine cuisine, architecture, art, cinema, tourism and more. 


For one of our clients, we provided fact-checking services for a series of high-end hotel guides, confirming each hotel listing’s number of suites, prices, telephone and fax numbers, website addresses, directions, hours of operation, service offerings, etc.

Learn more in the Travel section of our project portfolio.

Research and Content Management Services

We have provided content management services for a series of books on the architecture of famous authors’ homes in which we collected and organized data that included: historical events, dates, places, authenticity of a piece of art (to ensure the piece of art shown in the book was indeed made by a specific author), properly written names, and the like.

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There is an ever-increasing demand for applications designed to push content to mobile devices, smartphones, iPhones, iPads, Androids or Windows Phone devices. From most specialized content (medical, economical, technical, etc.) to the more universal (lifestyle, productivity, travel guides, etc.), the content itself comprises approximately 85% of the entire mobile application, while the remaining 15% makes up the software needed to run it.

At LocTeam, we can localize and translate your mobile or tablet application, regardless of its specialization or subject matter.

Since 1990, LocTeam has successfully completed more than 10,000 software localization projects. Find out how we can help you with yours.

Learn more about our app localization and Mac & iOS localization services.

Technical Expertise

Content translation in mobile and tablet applications is not only about different specialization fields involving expert translators in specific areas, it is also about localizing the application itself, which requires technical knowledge in software localization. We combine our expertise in both fields — translation and technology — across a wide range of subject matters to make sure your mobile application will run properly. 

Quality Assurance Testing

After the translation of content is finished (representing 85% of the project), we can also take care of the testing and quality assurance check (representing the remaining 15% of the project) during which we test the content with the mobile or tablet application itself to guarantee it is properly displaying in the iPhone, iPad or smartphone device. Having devices available for testing and an in‑house technical team familiar with the various makes and models ensures successful outcomes on all of our mobile and tablet translation projects.

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